Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) ROLLERS

Borflex has developed automated fiber placement rollers meeting customers’ requirements and adapting to the new technological developments.

These rollers, manufactured with specific materials, have been designed and developed by our R&D teams. Borflex is offering a large range of AFP rollers that will adapt to your applications and will hence answer all your expectations.

FIBERROLL by BORFLEX® rollers can be customized with numerous options: colours, marking, packing…

Borflex teams remain available to support you in the development of your new technological projects from the test phase to the mass production.

Composite profiles and parts

BORFLEX Composites is specialized in high value-added composite solutions and proven expertise in pultrusion, moulding and machining of composite materials.

  • PULTRUSION: Manufacturing of standard composite profiles and custom-made technical profiles.
  • MOULDING: Compression moulding of thermosetting materials and cold moulding.
  • MACHINING: Composite part machining.
  • FINISHING: Adhesive bonding, assembly, painting.

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Flat seal

BORFLEX has the special capacity to manufacture non-standard flat seals with dimensions ranging from a few millimetres to several metres in diameter, in small and large production runs !

Our machines enable the production of high-precision flat seals in all elastomer materials.

Tolerance for cutout or moulded seals are + or – 0.5 to 1mm.

Flat seals of greater accuracy can be produced after analysis and tooling modifications.

Manufacturing range:

  • extrusion,
  • grinding,
  • cutting-off,
  • die-cut.

TPE parts


Borflex is also present in the thermoplastic injection moulding market.

TPE are materials which have the same characteristics as elastomers but they are associated with plastic elements.

The cycle times are shorter and waste recycling easier.


  • Replacing of traditional rubber in tough environmental conditions and mass production series. Parts of various shapes and colours can then be produced.
  • Thermoplastics are used in cases where the rubber characteristics do not meet the customer’s technical requirements.
  • Cost reduction in case of choice of TPE as a replacement for rubber (because of its best rigidity and flexibility properties)

Water jet cutting

BORFLEX has the ability to accurately cut a comprehensive range of materials by using the waterjet cutting technology.

Waterjet cutting technology offers several advantages :

  • clean, cold and accurate cutting (net-shaped parts & no heat-affected zone),
  • no tooling costs and no cost for design changes,
  • direct production from the CAD-data file,
  • fast prototypes, achieving mechanical characteristics close to serially produced parts.


Rubber lining

Over the years the BORFLEX group has earned a reputation for providing rubber lining solutions to corrosion issues of all metallic parts. BORFLEX makes its experience available in the industry and provides customized lining solutions to protect your parts and improve their lifetime.

Advantages :

  • Complete solution : from surface preparing to external painting.
  • Use of specific compounds developed by our laboratories (example : ACS).
  • No over-moulding (no tooling costs).
  • Complete sealing control.
  • No bonding : direct vulcanization of parts.

Industrial Application : Protection against corrosive environments.
Examples :

  • water treatment,
  • deburring tumbler,
  • hoppers,
  • shot-blasting chambers,
  • etc.

Die-cut on demand

BORFLEX has acquired great experience over the years in cutting a wide range of materials : Rubber, fibres, leather, polyurethane, cardboard, foam rubber, cork, plastic…

  • From a single part to small and medium series : plugs, buffer rings, special seals, bands, collars, special belts, suckers, membranes, etc.
  • All qualities : natural, butyl, SBR, vitonv nitrile, hypalon, neoprene, silicon, rubber, synthetic fibres, polyurethane, cardboard, leather, foam rubber, etc.
  • Quality control.

Custom Moulded Rubber Parts

BORFLEX designs and manufactures custom molded rubber seals and molded rubber parts for applications across many industries. 
Our Engineering Department is available to work with you from product concept, to prototype and design development production of precision custom rubber components.

As the leader of the european rubber industry, BORFLEX produces small or large sized series of elastomer parts in any shore hardness you require (from 18 shore A to 95 shore),

Available compounds :  

  • NBR (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber)
  • CR (Chloroprene rubber)
  • EPDM / EPM (ethylen-propylene rubber)
  • FPM/FKM (Viton®, fluorocarbure),
  • VMQ (silicone rubber),
  • NR (natural rubber)
  • CSM (chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber)
  • IIR (isobutylene isoprene rubber)
  • SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber)
  • PU (polyurethane).


Products Examples: 

  • Sealing boots,
  • Rubber diaphragm,
  • Seals,
  • Rubber valves,
  • Rubber sheets,
  • Studs,
  • Rubber cut-charts,
  • Rubber rolls,
  • Welded rubber joints,
  • Sleeves,
  • SuctIon cups,
  • Antivibration applications,
  • Rubber over-moulding or metal parts.


Borflex group masters several moulding process (injection, compression and transfer moulding).

Registered compounds

As rubber solutions provider, the BORLEX Group places innovation at the heart of its strategy.  A permanent regulatory watch enables BORFLEX to enlarge the range of its elastomeric compounds and therefore to comply with the quality standards :


  • amended Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of  October 27th 2004 and various positive European positive lists,
  • FDA 21CFR177.2600,
  • Order of November 9th 1994, related to  rubber materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs and Food Drink,
  • Order of August 9th 2005, related to plastic materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks, EU Directive 1935/2004,
  • NF EN 1186 Parts 1, 2, 3,
  • Pharmacopoeia XIth edition (residual peroxide content)    
  • USP class VI,
  • etc.


  • ACS,
  • W270 KTW,
  • WRAS
  • etc.


  • EN 45545 (Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles – Part 2 : requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components)
  • NF F16-101 (Rolling stock. Fire behaviour. Materials choosing)
  • DIN 5510 (Preventive fire protection oin railway vehicles – Part 2: Fire behaviour and fire side effects of materials and parts)
  • ASTM
  • SMP 800 C (Bombardier)
  • BS 6853 (Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger transport)
  • IEC 60695-11-10 UL94,
  • etc.


  • NF L17-106 (Aerospace series – NF L standardized rubber materials – Technical specification)
  • NF L17-107 (Aerospace series – Rubber materials – Classification – Uses)
  • etc.



  • REACH,
  • ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC,
  • PMUC,
  • etc.