Markets we serve

Hydropower industry

RUBBERFLOW® is a wide range of engineered elastomers specifically created for hydropower applications all over the world. RUBBERFLOW® range meets the highest specifications worldwide, ensuring:

  • abrasion resistance,
  • tear resistance,
  • deflection resistance,
  • weathering resistance,
  • chemical resistance,
  • compression set,
  • effect of aging,
  • resistance to ozone and UV,
  • etc…

Sealing solutions made of RUBBERFLOW® compounds have been supplied to the major OEMs (ALSTOM, ANDRITZ , EDF, VNF, CNR, etc.).

Typical sealing applications :
RUBBERFLOW® elastomeric compounds for various types of seals:

  • J-seals,
  • gate seals,
  • seal transition corners,
  • fabric reinforced seals,
  • flat corners,
  • edge-bulb corners,
  • special shaped seals,
  • fluoro carbon clad rubber seals,
  • blocks,
  • plugs,
  • dampers,
  • bumpers,
  • pads,
  • etc.

Our RUBBERFLOW® elastomeric compounds are in accordance with DIN 19704-2.

Food industry

BORFLEX has been active in the agribusiness for years. Borflex’ know-how enables the company to support its customers throughout special developments, innovation and quality of service being the main focuses.
Borflex interferes on the following :

  • packing rolls,
  • sealing solutions (profiles, seals, caps, diaphragms, etc.)
  • capping machines,
  • labelling lines,
  • dust free rooms and cleanrooms,
  • etc.

Our R&D laboratories produce compounds which comply with the requirements the of the agri-food industry.
The RUBBERLIFE® range of elastomers meets the strict standards and recommendations of the ANSES and of the ANIA (French National Association of Food Industries). An attestation of conformity with article 16 of regulation CE n°1935/2004 is provided. As regards alimentary and human safety, we strive to achieve the highest level.

Our elastomers compounds comply with :
– (CE) N° 1935/2004 regulation, issued on the 27th of October 2004, amended
– (CE) N° 2023/2006 regulation issued on the 22th of December 2006, amended
– Regulatory texts and/or any other references texts (FDA, REACH, etc.).

Example of developments:

  • Cellular elastomer seals for wine and spirits contact, according to the decree related to rubber materials and articles coming into contact with foodstuffs, food products and food drinks (decree dated August 9th 2005). For more information see:
  • FKM grey alimentary compound, 60-70 shore, follows directive EU 1935/2004 (successful tests on all types of food have been performed according to NF EN 1186 Part 1,2,3 and following the 09/11/1994 Decree). 
  • White NBR 50 ShA and FDA 21CFR177.2600 65ShA for contact with running food.  Safety certificates (migration tests performed according to FDA specifications).


The BORFLEX group has developed elastomeric solutions for key applications in the agricultural industry.

  • sealing systems (air, water, noise, …),
  • anti-vibration device,
  • dumping,
  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • etc.

Example of applications:

  • VULFAC® HR Elastomeric suspension blocks.
  • Rubber seals for cab door (self-powered sprayer): reduction of the operator’s exposure to hazardous products during phytosanitary spraying process (NF EN 15695-1 and NF EN 1595-2).
  • Drive rollers.

Defence and weapons

Present in the Defence and weapon industry since many years, BORFLEX offers reliable and long-lasting solutions:

  • Elastomer compounds with high performances even when used under extreme conditions (temperature, pressure…)
  • Standards respect
  • Sealing warranty (liquid, gas noise, external contamination…)
  • Ballistic protection
  • Radioprotection

Borflex group products are used on numerous equipments and help improve their performances and efficiency. When it comes to answering the defence ans weapons requirements, innovation is at the very heart of BORFLEX’ concerns.

Cardboard and packaging industry

Benefiting from important technical resources for the covering of rubber and polyurethane rollers, BORFLEX excels in the production of technical roller coatings which meet with the technical requirements of the industry of cardboard and packaging industry.

Our rollers are involved in the all the phases of cardboard packaging production. 

Compatible with the best mechanical brands (BOBST MARTIN*, DENDAZOLLI*, EMBA*, CARTEC*, DCM*, TEXO*, JURINE*, CUIR*, WARD*, ASITRADE*, FOSBER*, ALLIMAND* …)

  • Roll feeder, glue roll
  • drive roller , guide roller
  • Half game: easy dismantling
  • Roll bending machine

Compatible with the most prestigious mechanical brands (HEIDELBERG*, KBA*, PLANETA*, KOMORI*, ROLAND*…)

  • Inking roller (inking, distributor, ink lessee)
  • Dampening roller (dispenser, bubbler, inking – dampening ) 
*Trademarks belonging to a third party with no links to the BORFLEX group.

Plastic film industry

 Benefiting from important technical resources in the relining of rubber and polyurethane rollers industry, BORFLEX excels in the covering of rollers dedicated to the specificities of plastic films and packaging production and converting processes.

  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone   

BORFLEX rollers are involved in all phases of the plastic film production …

  • Extrusion – Print (Domed finishing, auto centering of the film, high temperature resistance)
  • Winding (diamond engraving)
  • Deshirring – Centering (specific grooving, centering)
  • Corona treatment (surface treatment)

… and its converting.

  • Printing – Marking – Flexography – Offset (print bubbler, inking roller, dampening roller)
  • welding

Wood industry

As a leader in the industry of roll covering, BORFLEX offers the following :

  • roll covering and shaping for: wide strip machines, gluing cylinder,
  • covering and grinding of coater rolls, varnishing rolls, etc.,
  • covering of band scroll saws, 4 faces drive rollers, gold tooling rollers, 
  • manufacturing of press rolls for platters,
  • etc.

Used elastomers :

  • natural rubber,
  • polychloroprene,
  • nitrile,
  • silicone,
  • EPDM,
  • hypalon,
  • polyurethane,
  • and other.

Shore hardness : 20 to 95 ShA.

Machining capacities :

  • Lathing: from Ø 560 x 4100 to Ø 1000 x 1000
  • Trimming : Ø 400 x 2000
  • Autoclave: from Ø 1200 x 2800 to Ø 1000 x 6000
  • Resurfacing: from Ø 590 x 3000 to Ø 560 x 4100

Glass industry

BORFLEX is present on the market of Glass and mirror making. With more than 30 years of experience, BORFLEX has enlarged its range of competences and can offer the following:

  • Galets
  • Guiding rolls
  • Grinding rolls
  • Suction cups
  • Sealings
  • Sealing profiles (water, ari, noise)
  • Guard tubes
  • Antistatic or antitank rollers
  • Drive rollers
  • Coating roller

Our engineering department supports you with any specific request. BORFLEX can provide you with any technical part, and manufacture according to drawings with elastomers which comply with the requirements of glass industry. BORFLEX proposes customized  manufacturing. This allows a perfect water, air and noise sealing. As a provider of rubber solutions, BORFLEX makes its know-how available to the Glass and Mirror Making industries.

BORFLEX also has significant means in the field of roller covering and can supply the following compounds :

  • NBR (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber)
  • CR (Chloroprene rubber)
  • EPDM / EPM (ethylen-propylene rubber)
  • FPM/FKM (Viton®, fluorocarbure),
  • VMQ (silicone rubber),
  • NR (natural rubber)
  • CSM (chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber)
  • IIR (isobutylene isoprene rubber)
  • SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber)
  • PU (polyurethane).

BORFLEX excels in producing rubber coverings which meet all the requirements of Glass Industry.

Rubber covering of your machines’ winding rollers ensures optimum glass protection during handling or transfer operations. This will also limit risks of shock and scratches during the production process.

Thanks to its research and development laboratories and its compounding workshop, the BORFLEX group offers total solutions to:

  • Improve the performances of roller and covering
  • Control etching and corrosion
  • Improve abrasion resistance
  • Ensure high temperature resistance
  • Reduce cut or deterioration problems

 This recovering operation will improve the operating life of your rollers and machines.


BORFLEX is one of the main supplier of rubber solutions for the Nuclear Industry in France:

  • EDF
  • CEA
  • DCNS
  • All the companies interfering in maintenance and construction o new structures (BOUYGUES, EIFFAGE, SPIE BATIGNOLLES, etc. …)

BORFLEX is a rubber solution provider in any particular case linked with nuclear safety:

  • PMUC compliant elastomers,
  • radiation resistant elastomers
  • safety locks
  • cooling pond sealing
  • radioprotection FLEXIBORE®,
  • any application requiring sensitive sealing,
  • sealing boots,
  • etc.