Agriculture and agri-food

Food industry

BORFLEX has been active in the agribusiness for years. Borflex’ know-how enables the company to support its customers throughout special developments, innovation and quality of service being the main focuses.
Borflex interferes on the following :

  • packing rolls,
  • sealing solutions (profiles, seals, caps, diaphragms, etc.)
  • capping machines,
  • labelling lines,
  • dust free rooms and cleanrooms,
  • etc.

Our R&D laboratories produce compounds which comply with the requirements the of the agri-food industry.
The RUBBERLIFE® range of elastomers meets the strict standards and recommendations of the ANSES and of the ANIA (French National Association of Food Industries). An attestation of conformity with article 16 of regulation CE n°1935/2004 is provided. As regards alimentary and human safety, we strive to achieve the highest level.

Our elastomers compounds comply with :
– (CE) N° 1935/2004 regulation, issued on the 27th of October 2004, amended
– (CE) N° 2023/2006 regulation issued on the 22th of December 2006, amended
– Regulatory texts and/or any other references texts (FDA, REACH, etc.).

Example of developments:

  • Cellular elastomer seals for wine and spirits contact, according to the decree related to rubber materials and articles coming into contact with foodstuffs, food products and food drinks (decree dated August 9th 2005). For more information see:
  • FKM grey alimentary compound, 60-70 shore, follows directive EU 1935/2004 (successful tests on all types of food have been performed according to NF EN 1186 Part 1,2,3 and following the 09/11/1994 Decree). 
  • White NBR 50 ShA and FDA 21CFR177.2600 65ShA for contact with running food.  Safety certificates (migration tests performed according to FDA specifications).


The BORFLEX group has developed elastomeric solutions for key applications in the agricultural industry.

  • sealing systems (air, water, noise, …),
  • anti-vibration device,
  • dumping,
  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • etc.

Example of applications:

  • VULFAC® HR Elastomeric suspension blocks.
  • Rubber seals for cab door (self-powered sprayer): reduction of the operator’s exposure to hazardous products during phytosanitary spraying process (NF EN 15695-1 and NF EN 1595-2).
  • Drive rollers.