BORSIL is a broad portfolio of silicone-based elastomers for extreme thermal and chemical conditions.

We can distinguish different ranges of silicones:

  • regular silicones with a standard continuous temperature resistance of -50°C to +200°C can be increased to 250°C,
  • high tear-resistant silicones,
  • high resilient silicones, with a exceptionally high compression resistance,
  • low temperature resistant silicones with a continuous temperature resistance of -110°C to +200°C,
  • high temperature silicones with a continuous temperature resistance of -50°C to +300°C,
  • heat conductor or conductive silicones,
  • smart photoluminescent silicones (3 colors available),
  • thermochromic silicones (possibility of choice of temperature and color transition, programmable 3 colors and 3 temperatures).

BORSIL compounds range successfully meet aeronautical specifications (50, 52, 53 and 54 for silicones, and 61 and 63 for fluorinated silicones).


The new EN 45545 standard is the European reference for the classification of fire protection on railway vehicles. It represents a giant step forward in concerted action among EU countries to make travel safer in Europe.
Naturally, all local specifications are now obsolete, and the new EN 45545 standard becomes mandatory.

As a rubber solutions provider, BORFLEX places innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The FLAMESTOP® elastomers range already meets the most stringent requirements of the EN 45545 standard.
These new compounds are:

  • halogen-free (for global environmental compliance),
  • appropriate for extrusion process,
  • appropriate for molding process,
  • cost-efficient.


FLEXAERO® is a wide range of elastomers specifically created to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry.

Our range includes a broad portfolio of elastomers which meet the NF L17-107 requirements:

  • NBR 20A…, 20B…, 21A…, 21B…, 23B… et 24B…,
  • HNBR 26B… et 26C…,
  • CR 31B… et 32A…,
  • EPDM 41B…, 42B… et 44B…,
  • VMQ 50D…, 52D…, 53D… et 54D…,
  • FMVQ 61D… et 63D…,
  • FKM 60C…, 64C…, 65C… et 66B….

Each class corresponds to a specific use and a well-defined environment.

Class Recommended applications Temperature in use
(en °C)
Mineral-based hydraulic fluids and
based synthetic hydrocarbons
-30 to +120
-50 to +100
-50 to +120
41B Phosphate ester hydraulic fluids -50 to +100
Diesters lubricants, petroleum fuels
and synthetic lubricants
-20 to +120
-50 to +120
-30 to +120
-20 to +150
-55 to +180
-55 to +150
-20 to +200
-20 to +230
-10 to +230
-30 to +220
31B Petroleum oils (high aniline point) -40 to +100
Atmospheric agents -55 to +100
-55 to +225
-55 to +200
53D Good tear resistance and good flame propagation resistance -70 to +200
54D High temperature silicone, dielectric use -55 to +250
32A Dielectric use -30 to +100

* Temperature data valid for static applications.

The technical data contained herein is based on the results of long term tests carried out in our laboratories and to the best of our knowledge is true and accurate on the date of publication. It is however subject to change without prior notice and the user should contact BORFLEX to verify the technical data is correct before specifying or ordering. No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. We assume no responsibility for rates of coverage, performance or injury resulting from use. Liability, if any, is limited to the replacement of products. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by BORFLEX, express or implied, whether statutory, by operation of law or otherwise, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.



Numerous components evolve in aggressive environments such as, for instance, squeegee rolls for pickling lines in the steel industry. The lack of chemical protection or a poor chemical protection of the metal core (mainly flanges and journals) may cause severe damages. In worse cases, the roller core will even be rejected.

Benefits of the substitution of the ebonite by the glass fiber reinforced composite solution (FLEXCOAT®):

  • Higher mechanical resistance (shock and impact resistance)
  • Exceptional chemical resistance and stability (specially formulated resin)
  • Largely improved bonding properties
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Conservation of the metal part (multiple covering & recoating operations)
  • Recovering with the FLEXCOAT® technology in order to restore the initial diameter for former holders
  • Rollers that are damaged by corrosion can be fully repaired

Benefits of the total steel substitution by the FLEXCOAT® technology :

  • Impressive weight gain (sleeves for instance)


As a rubber solutions provider, BORFLEX remains committed to innovation in its products and technology.

We inspire our customers with our groundbreaking ideas.

We have developed and optimized FLEXIBORE®, a specific powdered bore (B4C) natural rubber compound.

FLEXIBORE® finished product contains 50% of its weight in B4C powder. The B10 included in our material absorbs the neutrons. The diffusion effect is not significant, compared to the neutron absorption.

FLEXIBORE® is also used in neutron spectrometry to reduce background noise.


ISOFA is a insulator range designed for insulating your machine tools.

With a high insulating capacity, ISOFA products range offers a dual function:

  • they isolate the machine tools from external vibrations;
    this is the passive isolation (-type)
  • they preserve the environment from vibrations caused by machinery in operation;
    this is active isolation (type +).

According to your needs, ISOFA is declined in 3 models of turrets:
– MN model, for easy leveling of machinery mounted on cylinders,
– A model for the mounting angle,
– L model, the model for side mounting.


RUBBERFLOW® is a tailor-made high performance elastomers range for hydraulic structures and maritime applications. In addition to sealing, the elastomers shall fulfill several essential functions:

  • abrasion resistance,
  • tear resistance,
  • deflection resistance,
  • weathering resistance,
  • chemical resistance,
  • compression set,
  • effect of aging,
  • etc.

RUBBERFLOW® compounds range meets the specifications of major OEMs (EDF, VNF, CNR,ALSTOM, ANDRITZ, etc.). These compounds are intended for all types of seals:

  • J-seals,
  • gate seals,
  • seal transition corners,
  • fabric reinforced seals,
  • flat corners,
  • edge-bulb corners,
  • special shaped seals,
  • fluorocarbon clad rubber seals,
  • blocks,
  • plugs,
  • dampers,
  • bumpers,
  • pads,
  • etc.


As a rubber solutions provider, BORFLEX places innovation at the heart of its strategy.

BORFLEX has developed RUBBERLIFE®, an extensive range of high performance elastomers that perfectly meet the requirements of the most stringent standards.

Our blends are formulated and tested for contact with all food types according to Regulation EC No. 1935/2004.

Migration tests are carried out and conform to the following requirements:

  • FDA requirements,
  • NF EN 1186 parts 1, 2 and 3,
  • Pharmacopoeia Xth edition (content of residual peroxides),
  • migration of formaldehyde,
  • migration of primary aromatic amines,
  • Order of 9/11/94 (French Official Gazette),
  • etc.

BORFLEX is present in the food sector with its sealing solutions (seals, caps, etc.), specific roll coverings, its conveyor belts and various other rubber parts.


BORFLEX has developed several modern and efficient transformation units for polyurethane specific processes:

  • Ribbon-Flow technology for roll covering (parts manufacturing revolutions without tools,
  • centrifuge for plates manufacturing,
  • low-pressure casting machines for complex shapes manufacturing.

VULFAC® is a range of elastomers developed by BORFLEX.

The VULFAC® compounds offer:

  • a high level of physical and mechanical properties (VULFAC® RL and RH),
  • a high resilience (VULFAC® RL,
  • a high resistance to hydrolysis (VULFAC® RL),
  • a high resistance to abrasion and tear (VULFAC® HR,
  • an excellent resistance to oils, greases and fuels (VULFAC® HR).