Other products

Calf nursing nipples

BORFLEX designs slender supple nipples in natural rubber which are perfect for bottle feeding pedigree calves.

Insulator supports

BORFLEX offers the supporting insulator ISOFA for insulation in the machine tools.

Insulator supports ISOFA have double function:

  • They insulate the machine tools from outside vibrations ;
    it is the passive insulation (type -)
  • They protect the environment from vibrations caused by the running machines ;
    it is the active insulation (type +)

Optimized according to your needs, ISOFA is declined in 3 models of turrets:
– MN model, for easy upgrade of machinery mounted on cylinders,
– A model, for the mounting angle,
– L model, for side mounting.


BORFLEX, the extrusion and manufacture of watertight, airtight and sound-tight seals mastered expertise in the extrusion and finishing of hoses for the transport of fluids.

Wheel treads

The wheels are covered with a 5 millimeter thick strip of rubber which reduces friction and cushions shocks on the ground. BORFLEX designs high-quality wheel treads in natural rubber suitable for all types of carriage.