Cylinders and rollers

Rollers for industrial applications

With significant resources in the field of rubber and polyurethane cylinder covering, BORFLEX excels in producing technical cylinders and coatings adapted to the specific characteristics and requirements of each industry.

The Borflex group makes its know-how in the manufacturing of elastomer compounds available to the industry by providing high-performance roller covering solutions which improving the rubber coating lifetime.

Thanks to its R&D laboratories and mixing compound workshops, the BORFLEX group offers complete solutions to:

  • Improve roller and coating performance,
  • resist chemical aggression and corrosion,
  • ensure temperature resistance,
  • reduce abrasion phenomena,
  • eliminate cut-off or degradation problems.

Borflex provides products adapted to various needs whatever the multiplicity of the applications or the wideness of the technical characteristics.

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) ROLLERS

Borflex has developed automated fiber placement rollers meeting customers’ requirements and adapting to the new technological developments.

These rollers, manufactured with specific materials, have been designed and developed by our R&D teams. Borflex is offering a large range of AFP rollers that will adapt to your applications and will hence answer all your expectations.

FIBERROLL by BORFLEX® rollers can be customized with numerous options: colours, marking, packing…

Borflex teams remain available to support you in the development of your new technological projects from the test phase to the mass production.

Printing and graphic arts rollers

BORFLEX proposes a wide range of high quality elastomers to obtain optimized print quality, long-lasting products, and a stability over time regarding the dimension of the cylinders.

BORFLEX offers tailor-made solutions  for offset printing, flexography, label printing, heliography, lacquering , stripping, coating, and varnishing.

BORFLEX provides innovative roll coverings, suitable for a specific use during the production process.

For a better performance and optimum quality, BORFLEX supplies BORCLEAN, a specific cleaning agent, developed for printing cylinders.


Plastic film industry rollers

Benefiting from important technical resources in the relining of rubber and polyurethane rollers industry, BORFLEX excels in the covering of rollers dedicated to the specificities of plastic films and packaging production as well as in converting processes.

  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone   BORFLEX rollers are involved in all phases of the plastic film production
  • Extrusion – Print (Domed finishing, auto centering of the film, high temperature resistance)
  • Winding (diamond engraving)
  • Deshirring – Centering (specific grooving, centering)
  • Corona treatment (surface treatment)

… And its converting.

  • Printing – Marking – Flexography – Offset (print bubbler, inking roller, dampening roller)
  • welding

Cardboard and packaging industry rollers


Benefiting from important technical resources for the covering of rubber and polyurethane rollers, BORFLEX excels in the production of technical roller coatings which meet with the technical requirements of the industry of cardboard and packaging industry.

Our rollers are involved in the all the phases of cardboard packaging production. 


  • Roll feeder, glue roll
  • drive roller , guide roller
  • Half game: easy dismantling
  • Roll bending machine
  • MARKING – IMPRINT : OFFSET – FLEXOGRAPHY – HELIOGRAPHY – DIGITAL PRINTING Compatible with the most prestigious mechanical brands (HEIDELBERG*, KBA*, PLANETA*, KOMORI*, ROLAND*…)
  • Inking roller (inking, distributor, ink lessee)
  • Dampening roller (dispenser, bubbler, inking – dampening ) 

*Trademarks belonging to a third party with no links to the BORFLEX group.

Wood industry rollers

Specializing in the rubber lining of cylinders and rollers, the BORFLEX group provides very efficient coverings for the wood industry:

  • Roll covering and shaping for wide strip machines
  • Relining and grinding rolls for gluing cylinders,
  • Relining and grinding rolls for lacquers, coaters…
  • Covering of 4 faces drive rollers
  • Covering of band scroll saws
  • Covering of gold tooling rollers
  • Manufacturing of press rolls for platters

Sleeves for plastic film industry

BORFLEX has developed for several years, a cost-efficient long lasting sleeve dedicated to the plastic film extrusion, that can be re-covered several times without ever touching the composite layer.

The innovative FLEXCOAT® system reduces drastically the cost and lead time for recoating.