Flat seal

BORFLEX has the special capacity to manufacture non-standard flat seals with dimensions ranging from a few millimetres to several metres in diameter, in small and large production runs !

Our machines enable the production of high-precision flat seals in all elastomer materials.

Tolerance for cutout or moulded seals are + or – 0.5 to 1mm.

Flat seals of greater accuracy can be produced after analysis and tooling modifications.

Manufacturing range:

  • extrusion,
  • grinding,
  • cutting-off,
  • die-cut.

Radial seal rings

Radial seal rings are intended mainly to ensure fluid sealing in precision mechanics with reciprocating translation movements. In particular they can equip all hydraulic and pneumatic equipment with operating pressures ranging from a few hundred grammes to 600 kg/cm² with the proviso of using a suitable profile. In certain cases, even higher pressures can be reached but require a special study.

These seals are classified with references in 3 profiles. Lip seals present certain advantages over other types of seal :

  • Friction appreciably lower that that of O rings but especially the suppression of the starting friction observed on O rings.
  • Reduction of extrusion risks through a perfectly seated heel.
  • Possibilities of less tight adjustments than for other types of seal.
  • Very thorough scraping of oil film, a significant factor for stem movements.
  • Possibilities of assembly in closed grooves in the same way as O rings.
  • Very safe in use


The O-ring is used in numerous applications. It is the most widely used seal. It is found in earthmoving machinery with hydraulic jacks, in syringes and in some lighters.

An O-ring is a circular piece of elastomer, used mainly to provide sealing in static applications.
The designation is specified by the inside diameter and the cross-section diameter.