Confectioned parts

Rubber lining

Over the years the BORFLEX group has earned a reputation for providing rubber lining solutions to corrosion issues of all metallic parts. BORFLEX makes its experience available in the industry and provides customized lining solutions to protect your parts and improve their lifetime.

Advantages :

  • Complete solution : from surface preparing to external painting.
  • Use of specific compounds developed by our laboratories (example : ACS).
  • No over-moulding (no tooling costs).
  • Complete sealing control.
  • No bonding : direct vulcanization of parts.

Industrial Application : Protection against corrosive environments.
Examples :

  • water treatment,
  • deburring tumbler,
  • hoppers,
  • shot-blasting chambers,
  • etc.

Rubber Pads

Rubber pad forming is a sheet metal forming process in which a rubber pad is used to deform metal sheets.
As an European leader in the technical rubber parts, BORFLEX masters the whole manufacturing chain from specific compounds R&D for rubber pads production which are particularly adapted to the most accurate stampings.

  • All dimensions (block dimensions up to 1250 x 2000 x 300 mm).
  • With or without steel sole (sole dimensions up to 1200 x 1950 x 20 mm).
  • All shapes available.
  • Hardness up to 75 ShA.
  • Tooling cost savings.

Markets we serve: Aeronautic • Automotive • Industry.