Cutted parts

Water jet cutting

BORFLEX has the ability to accurately cut a comprehensive range of materials by using the waterjet cutting technology.

Waterjet cutting technology offers several advantages :

  • clean, cold and accurate cutting (net-shaped parts & no heat-affected zone),
  • no tooling costs and no cost for design changes,
  • direct production from the CAD-data file,
  • fast prototypes, achieving mechanical characteristics close to serially produced parts.


Die-cut on demand

BORFLEX has acquired great experience over the years in cutting a wide range of materials : Rubber, fibres, leather, polyurethane, cardboard, foam rubber, cork, plastic…

  • From a single part to small and medium series : plugs, buffer rings, special seals, bands, collars, special belts, suckers, membranes, etc.
  • All qualities : natural, butyl, SBR, vitonv nitrile, hypalon, neoprene, silicon, rubber, synthetic fibres, polyurethane, cardboard, leather, foam rubber, etc.
  • Quality control.

Foam pigs


Borflex offers a variety of foam pigs for any application: application.

  • Efficient cleaning and removal of hard mineral & organic deposits
  • line filling
  • Water evacuation
  • Air removal
  • Hydrostatic testing

Custom pigging products on demand:

  • Specific material can be proposed for specific chemical applications.
  • Specific geometry (different hardnesses, conical design, bidirectional versions,).
  • From single part to small and medium series.

Technical custom foam padding

  • Lean Manufacturing (storage, packaging, protection, transportation)
  • From the simple foam padding to the complete package engineering solution (suitcases, briefcases, crates, presentation boxes, etc.)
  • Perfect cutting for all materials
  • From single part to small and medium series
  • All sectors: industry, packaging, luxury (perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, leather shops, etc.), broadcasting technology, electronics, health, defense, aeronautic, sport and leisure, etc.