Polyurethane parts

Rotomolded PU sheets


  • Close tolerance +/- 0.2 to 0.3mm for a thickness of 0-10mm.
  • No bubble.
  • Smooth and flat surface.
  • No tooling for a thickness between 1 to 10 mm.
  • Any colour.
  • Hardness of 55-95 Shore A.
  • Dimensions up to 500 mm x 1500 mm.

VULFAC® is a range of elastomers developed by BORFLEX.

The VULFAC® compounds offer:

  • a high level of physical and mechanical properties (VULFAC® RL and RH),
  • a high resilience (VULFAC® RL),
  • a high resistance to abrasion and tear (VULFAC® HR),
  • an excellent resistance to oils, greases and fuels (VULFAC® HR).

Custom-made PU parts

BORFLEX has set up a modern high-performance transformation unit for polyurethanes in order to offer a wide range of hardness.

Our references : COFLEXIP,  COGEMA,  AUTOMOBILE,  DCN,  ALSTOM, etc.

Hardness range : from 40 to 95 shores

Various components off-plan :
Tubes • Retaining rings • Cords • Rollers • Washers • Elastic springs • Contacts