Sealing profiles

Sealing profiles for the building industry

BORFLEX provides sealing profiles for the building industry (doors, windows and locking systems) manufactured with advanced elastomers adapted to critical climatic environments:

  • weathering and ageing,
  • UV resistance,
  • variation of temperature,
  • mechanical stress,
  • etc.


These profiles also meet the standard requirements:

  • acoustic seal (noise pollution),
  • thermal insulation,
  • fire and smoke resistance,
  • pressure cleaning and solvents resistance,
  • bacterial resistance (fungicide),
  • etc.

Sealing profiles for hydropower industry

BORFLEX know-how has been a leader to the hydropower industry for more than 60 years, it provide sealing solutions for :

  • water gates,
  • water dam,
  • timber pass,
  • floating dam,
  • engineering structure.

BORFLEX provides various hydroequipment with the following profiles :

  • Seals for emergency gates,
  • J-seals with full or hollowed bulb,
  • double or stem J-seals,
  • Rubber angles,
  • channels,
  • pads,
  • dock guards,
  • etc.

BORFLEX is a leader in static and dynamic water sealing solution for the hydropower industry. 
RUBBERFLOW® a new rubber range has been developped for hydropower applications.

Sealing profiles for ground transportation

The BORFLEX group is present is also present in the ground transportation field.

BORFLEX group makes its Know-How on sealing available for small and medium sized series (up to 5 vehicles a day) :

  • premium vehicles
  • spare parts
  • etc.

We provide innovative solutions to the following essential functions :

  • thermal and acoustic sealing (water, air, noise),
  • damping,
  • guidance,
  • Visible parts (external and internal).

We implement different materials to make multifunctional profiles :

  • elastomers: hard or soft compact or cellular, flocked or varnished,
  • flexible plastics reinforced with textile or steel, fabric finishing, installation of double-sided adhesive,
  • PVC,
  • TPE,
  • polyurethane.

We develop and design elastomer solutions for small and medium sized series.

We propose assembling profiles solutions which guarantee perfect seal of complex multi-axes parts  :

  • clipping,
  • gluing,
  • thermo-fusing,
  • moulding,
  • etc.

Production and assembling of finished parts made of different profiles can be performed for unit or for small sized series. Quantitative reproducibility is ensured by our process capability which complies with the standards of the automobile industry.

Assembled profile example:BORFLEX - Assembled profile example

Our range :

  • extrusion,    
  • cutting,
  • moulding and sealing of TP / TPE  reinforced rubber profiles,
  • cellular rubbers tubing,
  • rubber sliding,
  • window sealing strips,
  • extrusion and mono-shaping of rubber hoses,
  • Packaging, labelling, etc.

Our references :

  • Buses & Coaches Iveco – Heulie – UNVI – Joost
  • Trucks & Trailers: Renault Commercial Vehicles – Scania – Volvo – Lecapitaine – Chereau – Cabreta
  • Commercial vehicles: Oatmeal – Labbé – Body Britain
  • Automobile: Citroën – Maserati – Opel – Peugeot – PGO – Carat Security Group – Courb C-Zen
  • Agricultural vehicles: Kuhn – Claas – John Deere – Massey Ferguson – Matrot – Sulky Borel -Monosem – AVR
  • Defence: Renault Vehicles defence – Centigon
  • Other vehicles: Caterpillar – Manitou – Manitowoc – Rapido – Pilote – Trigano

Sealing profiles for railway industry

Mélanges homologuésBORFLEX, which has been located in Lille for more than 60 years, specializes in the designing, prototyping and manufacturing of rubber products. TPE and polyurethane are dedicated to the industry, and more particularly to the railway industry (doors and windows seals, bellows, sensitive edges, bearing torque bar, protectors, wedging pieces, hoses, wiring, …).

From design to global supply chain, we support the most significant train manufacturers and railway operators with the design of their projects.

Our compounds are self-extinguishing and meet with the requirements of the following fire and smoke classification: EN 45545  NFF 16101, BS 6853, DIN 5510, ASTM, …

Fire-resistant profiles

A lot of new norms have been issued in order to allow railway interoperability between countries members of the European Union.
DIN EN 45545 was implemented in 2013: contains the principal terms and definitions and general regulations governing the classification of rail vehicles in operational and design categories, as well as fire safety objectives.

BORFLEX developed FLAMESTOP® elastomers to comply with the European Norm EN 45545.
The FLAMESTOP® range of elastomers is regulation compliant and cost-efficient too.