Technical custom-shaping and padding

  • Lean Manufacturing (storage, packaging, protection, transportation)
  • From the simple padding to the complete package engineering solution (suitcases, briefcases, crates, presentation boxes, etc.)
  • Perfect cutting for various materials
  • From the single part to small and medium series
  • All fields: industry, packaging, luxury (perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, leather shops, etc.), broadcasting technology, electronics, health, defense, aeronautic, sport and leisure, etc.

Design office

In order to provide a personalised response to the needs of our clients, BORFLEX has laboratory and R&D teams and a range of expertise within its structure, both for compounds and the conception of solutions.

In addition to the parts shown in our catalogues, the BORFLEX design office can design any custom parts in rubber, polyurethane or TPE and arrange for their manufacture in one of our factories.


The BORFLEX calender is used to manufacture vulcanised or uncured sheets of special compounds to be used as half-finished products for the production of built-up or cutout parts.

The maximum thickness is 2 mm for a width of 1000 mm.


Building up

The term “building up” brings together several specialities whose common feature is manual intervention.

The parts are assembled uncured, then vulcanised in an autoclave. They offer performances equivalent to all other means of manufacturing and without any comparison to techniques of cold bonding which have only limited applications.

Rubber building up enables an infinite variety of shapes to be produced.

It is used for:

  • parts which are impossibe to mould because of their size or shape,
  • internal and external linings of metal parts or bioler parts to prortect them against abrasion, reduce jarring, noise, etc.,
  • prototypes or on-off parts.

BORFLEX has high-capacity vulcanisation facilities in workshops covering 600 m².


Designing and machining of moulds and toolings

BORFLEX uses state-of-the-art technology in the design and machining of moulds and toolings to meet your needs.

Our modern precision mechanics workshop and our efficient organisation enable us to produce precision mechanical components for our various clients (industrial companies, French Navy, AREVA, etc.) in all metals but also in plastics such as PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamides, teflon, etc.

We also produce all types of mould for the rubber industry. Our design office is at your service.

We have also developed the machining of thread rolling. The technique of thread rolling enables the production of threads by compressing material which makes their mechanical resistance much stronger than in traditionally machined threads where turnings are removed.

Our references : AREVA • DCNS • ALSTOM • EDF • SNECMA

All types of metal: steel, stainless steel, lead, bronze.

All plastics: PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane.

Overall composite protection for metal inserts

Numerous components evolve in aggressive environments such as, for instance, squeegee rolls for pickling lines in the steel industry. The lack of chemical protection or a poor chemical protection of the metal core (mainly flanges and journals) may cause severe damages. In worse cases, the roller core will even be rejected.

Benefits of the substitution of the ebonite by the glass fiber reinforced composite solution (FLEXCOAT®):

  • Higher mechanical resistance (shock and impact resistance)
  • Exceptional chemical resistance and stability (specially formulated resin)
  • Largely improved bonding properties
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Conservation of the metal part (multiple covering & recoating operations)
  • Recovering with the FLEXCOAT® technology in order to restore the initial diameter for former holders
  • Rollers that are damaged by corrosion can be fully repaired

Benefits of the total steel substitution by the FLEXCOAT® technology :

  • Impressive weight gain (sleeves for instance)

Sheet cutting

Over time, Borflex group has developed a strong cutting experience of the most varied materials.

  • For small and medium sized series: plugs, stops, special seals, tires, rings, special belts, suction cups, membranes…
  • All qualities: natural, butyl, SBR, Viton, nitrile, hypalon, neoprene, silicone, rubber, synthetic fibers, polyurethane, cardboard, leather, foam.
  • Quality control

Water jet cutting

As a leader of the rubber industry, BORFLEX has developed an unequaled expertise in the field of  waterjet cutting of all types of materials.

This technology offers an exceptional performance and numerous assets:

  • clean, cold and accurate cutting (net-shaped parts & no heat-affected zone),
  • no tooling costs and no cost for design changes,
  • direct production from the CAD-data file,
  • fast prototypes, achieving mechanical characteristics close to serially produced parts.



BORFLEX designs and manufactures rubber extrusion seals ensuring water, air and noise sealing.

BORFLEX has developed a fire resistant and halogen-free range of elastomers called FLAMESTOP®.

This range of elastomers meets with the most stringent safety requirements.

BORFLEX masters technics related to the extrusion of rubber seals:

  • removal of sliding varnish or of coating,
  • removal of fabric,
  • anti-stretch thread,
  • bi-material seals,
  • use of semi-rigid or flexible PVC,
  • steel armature (metal insert)
  • sealing ring,
  • cloth or stiffening material insert,
  • adhesive,
  • cellular rubber,
  • etc.

BORFLEX proposes its know-how in the extrusion and shaping of hoses.

We produce a wide range of standard rubber extruded profiles which are used in many applications in most of the industrial sectors.

Applications : Industries, Trucks, Buses, Trains, Subways, Tramway, Building.