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Overall composite protection for metal inserts


Numerous components evolve in aggressive environments such as, for instance, squeegee rolls for pickling lines in the steel industry. The lack of chemical protection or a poor chemical protection of the metal core (mainly flanges and journals) may cause severe damages. In worse cases, the roller core will even be rejected.

Benefits of the substitution of the ebonite by the glass fiber reinforced composite solution (FLEXCOAT®):

  • Higher mechanical resistance (shock and impact resistance)
  • Exceptional chemical resistance and stability (specially formulated resin)
  • Largely improved bonding properties
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Conservation of the metal part (multiple covering & recoating operations)
  • Recovering with the FLEXCOAT® technology in order to restore the initial diameter for former holders
  • Rollers that are damaged by corrosion can be fully repaired

Benefits of the total steel substitution by the FLEXCOAT® technology :

  • Impressive weight gain (sleeves for instance)