The best materials for the solutions


BORFLEX designs and manufactures rubber extrusion seals ensuring water, air and noise sealing.

BORFLEX has developed a fire resistant and halogen-free range of elastomers called FLAMESTOP®.

This range of elastomers meets with the most stringent safety requirements.

BORFLEX masters technics related to the extrusion of rubber seals:

  • removal of sliding varnish or of coating,
  • removal of fabric,
  • anti-stretch thread,
  • bi-material seals,
  • use of semi-rigid or flexible PVC,
  • steel armature (metal insert)
  • sealing ring,
  • cloth or stiffening material insert,
  • adhesive,
  • cellular rubber,
  • etc.

BORFLEX proposes its know-how in the extrusion and shaping of hoses.

We produce a wide range of standard rubber extruded profiles which are used in many applications in most of the industrial sectors.

Applications : Industries, Trucks, Buses, Trains, Subways, Tramway, Building.