Roller covering

As a leader of the roller covering, BORFLEX has developed a range of elastomers of a very high standard ensuring the dimensional stability of the rollers.

BORFLEX offers a range of elastomers roller covering which is broad enough to suit each application :

All elastomers qualities :

Natural • SBR • Neoprene* • Silicone • Nitrile • Butyl* • Hypalon* • Polyurethane • Viton* • etc.

All harnesses : from 25 shores to ebonite

All diameters or lengths,

Tool machining and rectification (in compliance with the ISO 6123-3 standard)

All resistances : temperature ranging between -80°C to +250°C , solvents, oils, acids, etc.

Express covering

*Trademarks Dupont de Nemours