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The BORFLEX® Group specializes in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of custom-made elastomer parts (rubber, silicone, TPE and polyurethane), pultruded composite profiles and molded composite parts.

From design to global supply chain management, we support the leading industrial groups and their suppliers.
As a creator of rubber and composite solutions, we are available to help you design your projects in accordance with your specifications.

BORFLEX® products can be found in many markets: defense, rail, ground transportation, energy, food, industrial maintenance, nuclear energy, aeronautics, printing, packaging, etc.

Our teams are available to bring your project to life by putting at your disposal our know-how of more than 60 years.

Tailor-made service


The term "confection" covers several specialties that share the common characteristic of manual intervention, with cold and hot bonding techniques.


BORFLEX® manufactures extruded waterproof, airtight and noise-tight seals, from the design to the manufacture of parts of all sizes.



This technology allows us to be a leader in the cutting of soft and hard materials. Clean cutting and the total elimination of tooling costs. Rapid, series-compliant prototyping.



BORFLEX® is available to help you design and manufacture rubber and polyurethane molded parts by injection, compression or unit transfer, in small, medium and large series.


Over the years, BORFLEX® has built up a wealth of experience in cutting a wide variety of materials. BORFLEX® offers cutting by the meter of rubber sheets, O-ring cords, ribbed mats, and many other products.



BORFLEX® has developed elastomer grades for use in various printing applications that provide excellent printing quality, long machine life, and the long-term stability of cylinder dimensions.


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