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BORFLEX® designs and manufactures parts for land transport.

The group works with all types of vehicles: buses, coaches, trucks, automobiles, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, defense vehicles, and other vehicles.

BORFLEX® sites also work with vehicle assembly lines, as well as for dealers and vehicle repair shops.

BORFLEX® designs and produces gaskets and tooling and also supplies sealing products for military vehicle manufacturers.

The sites can produce joints of any size, very small or very large.

Seal design

BORFLEX® specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-made gaskets using state-of-the-art elastomer processing technologies.

BORFLEX® extrudes and shapes waterproof, airtight and soundproof seals.
We handle the development of the part, from design to the manufacturing of all dimensions.
We produce gaskets out of the best materials for optimal solutions to your needs. The BORFLEX® group focuses on
three main areas: quality, service and innovation.

Active in the defense and armament sectors for many years, the BORFLEX® Group offers reliable and durable solutions:

  • elastomer compounds with outstanding performance, even under extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.),
  • compliance with standards,
  • guaranteeing watertightness (liquids, gases, noise, external contamination, etc.),
  • ballistic protection,
  • radiation protection.

BORFLEX® Group products are used in a wide variety of equipment, providing performance and efficiency. BORFLEX® prioritizes innovation in order to meet the challenges of the defense and armament industries.


In addition to our catalog products, our dedicated design departments create and develop innovative solutions. We can meet all the requirements of your project and offer you all the latest innovations on the market.

BORFLEX® designs and manufactures custom-made, high-performance certified parts for various business sectors. We study all your needs and our teams carry out material and feasibility studies for you. We bring our global expertise to your project and we create a complete specification for the manufacturing process. Our mastery of all elastomer and composite processes guarantees you a comprehensive solution for small or medium series production.


The Crocodile® hose and cable bridge are extremely strong and durable.
The bridges are supplied with side tabs to prevent them from separating when placed together.

These foldable solid rubber bridges can be installed in seconds. The two sides are held together with a rustproof cable, so they remain resilient, even on uneven ground.

Production of extruded gaskets in the best materials for optimal solutions

BORFLEX® manufactures extruded waterproof, airtight and noise-tight seals, from the design to the manufacture of parts of all sizes.

We also offer flame retardant or self-extinguishing, halogen-free elastomers, in accordance with the strictest standards for fire behavior and smoke toxicity.

BORFLEX® masters all the techniques involved in the manufacture of an extruded joint:

  • - application of slip varnish or flocking,
  • - removal of fabric,
  • - anti-elongation wires,
  • - bi-material seal,
  • - use of semi-rigid or flexible PVC,
  • - steel frame (metal insert),
  • - sealing cord,
  • - insertion of fabric or stiffening material,
  • - Adhesive application,
  • - use of cellular rubber,

We also offer expertise in the extrusion and shaping of hoses for fluid transport.

We have a wide range of standard extruded gaskets for many applications in many industries.


Sealing profiles for land transport

The BORFLEX® Group is active in the land transport sector.

The BORFLEX® Group offers you its expertise in the field of sealing (air, water, noise) for small and medium series (from five vehicles per day):

  • premium vehicles,
  • spare parts,
  • etc.

We provide innovative solutions for the following key functions

  • thermal and acoustic sealing (water, air, noise),
  • amortization,
  • guidance,
  • appearance parts (exterior and interior).

We use different materials together or individually to create multi-functional profiles:

  • . elastomers: hard or soft or cellular compacts, flocked or varnished,
  • . textile or steel reinforced flexible plastics, fabric finish, double-sided adhesive application,
  • . PVC,
  • . VSE,
  • . polyurethane.

We operate and develop elastomeric solutions in small and medium-sized production runs.

We offer solutions for the assembly of profiles by :

  • . clipping
  • . collage
  • . hot melt
  • . moulding
  • . etc...

In order to guarantee the tightness of complex definitions of moving parts in 3 axes (windows, doors, etc.).

Finished parts, which can include several profiles that are themselves assembled, can be produced on a one-off basis or in series. Reproducibility is guaranteed by our process capability in accordance with automotive standards.

Clip-on profiles - Tube seals for doors, covers / On parallel rebates

Clip-on profiles - Tube seals for doors, covers / On parallel rebates

Custom rubber and thermoplastic

Examples of products

  • - End-to-end moulded corner
  • - Flock
  • - Luggage compartment seal
  • - Injection welded corner joint
  • - Door seal
  • - Hooked lip (of the luggage compartment seal) for easy removal of protection
  • - Part + window glass
  • - Door seal piece
  • - Protection piece
  • - Moulded part
  • - Bus door
  • - Corner profile
  • - Adaptable profiles : (Adaptable cc profiles, Self-adhesive finishing joints)
  • - Snappon Profiles: (Field protectors / trims, Trims, Tube seals for door, cover, Lip seals, Fabric finished tube seals)
  • - Glazing profiles: (Fixed/mobile window seals, Window trims, Window wiper profiles)
  • - Section A-A
  • - Section C-C Sensor Elements: zoom in on the middle of the door design
  • - Section D-D: zoom in on the top left corner of the door

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Configuring your project

End-use sector of the part

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