Industrial maintenance

BORFLEX makes its expertise in the industrial maintenance area available to  the design and the production of effective solutions.

A production line is composed of several elements: for safety and productivity reasons, a thourough attention must be paid to their general characteristics (drawings, tolerances, materials, treatments, specifications, etc.).

Repairing or replacing a damaged or obsolete component is always a difficult task.

With its proven extensive expertise, BORFLEX is the reference partner to :

  • detect the causes of the degradation of a part or of a rubber component (on site or remote) and provide solutions,
  • bring technical solutions in order to optimize safety and performance,
  • provide technical support,
  • comply with the current standards (health & safety, toxicity, food contact, clean room, etc.).

No matter, whether it is handicraft or heavy industry, BORFLEX helps you to improve your production lines performance with targeted rubber solutions.