Radiation protection

BORFLEX group has developed FLEXIBORE®, a specific powdered bore (B4C) natural rubber compound enabling the absorption of the neutrons.

The FLEXIBORE® sheet contains 50% of its weight in B4C. The B10 included in our material absorbs the neutrons. The diffusion isn’t significant compared with the neutrons absorption. FLEXIBORE® is also used in neutron spectrometry to decrease e background noise.



  • High flexibility : very good conforming
  • High flexibility
  • Uniform distribution of B4C powder
  • Easy cutting
  • Color black



  • Hydrogen density : about 0,05 g / cm3
  • The weight of FLEXIBORE® is composed of 50% rubber
  • Hardness : 70 / 75 shore A
  • Boron in B4C : about 76%
  • Density : about 1,55 g / cm3
  • Temperature limit : 80°C max




BORFLEX ensure the products performances if stored under Borflex storage requirements. Borflex will not grant any guarantee otherwise



A FLEXIBORE® neutron shielding material