Contact wheels

One application for each contact wheel

Borflex offers a full line of coverings for Contact Wheels which enables the company to meet your specific grinding and finishing needs.
Durometers range from 40 Shore A, for polishing and light sanding, to 90 Shore A, for more aggressive metal removal.
The correct selection of Contact Wheels is as important as your choice of abrasive belt.
For deburring operation, a  contact wheel with a hardness of 80 Shores will be recommended.
A hardness of 60 Shores with a standard graven is advised for polyvalent work.
For finishing work, a contact wheel with hardness of 40 Shores, smooth, will enable to prepare parts for the polishing process.

  • Rubber contact wheel :
    The most commonly used contact wheel : good resistance to abrasion and oils, smooth or graven, hardness from 35 to 80 Shores.
  • Polyurethane contact wheel :
    Shores hardness ranging from 60 to 80 shores, usually used for the removal of important quantities of materials on soft metals. It has a strong resistance to abrasion, therefore a longer life, but it can’t resist to high temperatures.
  • VulKolan foam contact wheel :
    Hardness from 20 to 40 shores, lamella or smooth, It is usually used for grinding operations on shaped parts. It is used as a replacement for cotton.  With better results, Vulkollan foam is easier to use and provides a better output.

Diameter dimensions ranging from 50 mm to 450 mm, width: 10 mm to 300 mm.