The BORFLEX Group has been active in the steel industry for many years. We have different qualities of elastomers allowing the preservation of industrial tools and protecting the materials handled.

BORFLEX offers its expertise in roller lining for the steel industry.

We develop solutions which comply with your requirements by offering:

  • Rollers for pickling
  • Rollers for driving and pickling copper foils
  • Bottom rollers
  • Slitting ring
  • Floor protection – wire drawing transfer rollers
  • Scrapers
  • Spin rollers
  • Muff
  • Pebbles
  • Etc…

With its research and development laboratories and integrated mixing plants, the BORFLEX Group offers complete solutions to:

  • Repair damaged rollers
  • Improve roller and coating performance
  • Fight against chemical aggression and corrosion (acid baths)
  • Guarantee temperature resistance
  • Reduce abrasion phenomena
  • Reduce cutting or degradation problems.

The rollers or cylinders used on the production lines are covered with a flexible rubber which, due to contact with the sharp edges of the plates, deteriorates and ends up letting through the chemical products of the different baths.

These corrosive products slip under the rubber damaging the metal structure of the rollers.

Borflex innovates to offer you more and more solutions to improve your work tools.

Borflex provides solutions for rollers transporting flat products and long products (coils, metal strips, plates,…) for the different stages of production :

  • Stripping
  • Pre-treatment of the plates
  • Degreasing and pickling operations
  • The different types of finishing (coating, painting and surface protection)
  • Shaping and stamping.

We offer you the coating of your cylinders with a solution based on ebonite or composite that will meet your needs:

Composite technology has many advantages:

  • Possibility to restore cylinders damaged by chemical attacks
  • High impact resistance
  • A superior hard rubber grip that improves cylinder durability
  • A significant economic gain during roll relining operations
  • Shortened lead times for future repairs (Elastomer repair only).