Global solution

Building on industrial experiences, BORFLEX offers global sophisticated solutions and for all your specific requirements :

  • a complete and integrated expertise (total specifications validation),
  • proposals & improvements assistance,
  • design to cost and co-engineering,
  • specific compound formulation,
  • fast prototyping (3D printing, water jet cutting, or traditional methods),
  • tests and simulations carried out by BORFLEX or by accredited bodies,
  • tool design and production,
  • mastering all the elastomers manufacturing processes,
  • small, medium and large series manufacturing,
  • assembly and checking (delivery of complete functions),
  • customized packaging,
  • assembly and setting up on-site.

This expertise offers different advantages such as:

  • reducing product development costs and lead times,
  • minimizing their products assembly costs,
  • reducing the panel of suppliers,
  • reducing the number of references,
  • outsourcing quality controls,
  • etc.