Waterway transport

Seals for waterways

BORFLEX’ know-how has been recognized on the fluvial sealing market for over 60 years (Boat doors, locks, flap gates, river dams, …). In the aim of hydrodynamic applications (static, dynamic and slow sealing), the BORFLEX group has developed specific elastomer compounds upon EDF’s request (Electricity de France) and French waterways.
The RUBBERFLOW® range meets with the technical specification below :

  • shore hardness,
  • tensile strength,
  • maximum stress,
  • breaking strength,
  • tearing strength,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • compression set,
  • aging,
  • chemical resistance,
  • etc.

References : Floating dam from La Ciotat, Brest floating dam, Kembs Navigational lock, Dam from Saint Pierre Cognet, Rance dam, Dam Malause, Gerstheim dam, Villerest dam, Tuilières dam, Dam from Mont Saint -Michel, Arzal dam, Vallebregues dam, Mauzac dam, Tignes dam, etc.