High performance polyurethane compounds

BORFLEX has developed several modern and efficient transformation units for polyurethane specific processes:

  • Ribbon-Flow technology for roll covering (parts manufacturing revolutions without tools,
  • centrifuge for plates manufacturing,
  • low-pressure casting machines for complex shapes manufacturing.

VULFAC® is a range of elastomers developed by BORFLEX.

The VULFAC® compounds offer:

  • a high level of physical and mechanical properties (VULFAC® RL and RH),
  • a high resilience (VULFAC® RL,
  • a high resistance to hydrolysis (VULFAC® RL),
  • a high resistance to abrasion and tear (VULFAC® HR,
  • an excellent resistance to oils, greases and fuels (VULFAC® HR).